Heating for domestic water

Traditionally, centralised hot water systems have been powered by a pump which keeps water flowing through a delivery pipethrough the boiler and back around through a return pipe. This means that the water is permanently circulating to make up for any thermal losses.

The HOTWAT system eliminates the need for such pipes and pumps by maintaining a constant temperature of the water pipes using self-regulating heating cables with semi-conductive matrixes. The power of these cables decreases as the temperature increases meaning there is no danger of overheating and these cables can be used with plastic piping.

The advantages of the Hotwat system are numerous and include:

  • Energy is saved through the reduction of thermal losses and the elimination of a circulation pipe
  • Hot water is immediately available at the tap and so less water is wasted whilst the consumer waits for the temperature to rise
  • Elimination of purchase and installation costs of pumps, pipes, insulation etc.


Data sheet HOTWAT