Constant wattage

Constant wattage cables in parallel circuits provide a steady power supply in Watts per metre, independent of the cable’s length or temperature as described in “Dettagli tecnici”.

These cables cannot be laid over each other and always require a thermostat to regulate the temperature, ensuring that potentially damaging high temperatures are not reached.



Maximum temperature:

cable switched on

75°C con 50W/m
115°C con 33W/m
160°C con 23W/m
180°C con 13W/m
145°C con 70W/m
200°C con 50W/m
245°C con 30W/m
275°C con 10W/m
350°C con 15W/m
320°C con 30W/m
275°C con 50W/m
140°C con 100W/m
35°C con 150W/m

Maximum temperature:

cable switched off

 200°C 285°C 425°C
Minimum installation temperature  -40°C -40°C -40°C
Minimum operating temperature -60°C -60°C -60°C
Power in W/m 13, 23, 33, 50 10, 30, 50, 70 10, 30, 50, 70
Standard power supply voltage 220/240V 220/240V 220/240V


Data sheet

ATEX certified

IEC Ex certified

For termination instructions in ATEX areas, see the original Heat Trace instructions for the relative kit.