Heating tapes

TEMAR represents, on the Italian market, the BRISKHEAT company that produces a wide range of tape, various cloaks and heaters to suit any application in industrial processes, in research laboratories, testing centers and experimental.


  • A double insulation or with a metal sheath protection and grounding
  • High power up to 350 watts per meter
  • Operating temperatures up to 900 ° C
  • Execution terminated with power cable without taking cold
  • Version with adjustable contact thermostat and built
  • ideal for laboratories, valves, pumps, piping short and small tanks etc.


Execution heating tapes with thermostat complete circuit complete circuit complete circuit complete circuit
External material silicone rubber silicone rubber silicone rubber fibra di vetro Samox
Connection to power at one end only at one end only at one end only at one end only at one end only
Insulation type double insulation double insulation with metallic shield grounding double insulation double insulation
Maximum operating temperature 230°C 230°C 230°C 760°C 760°C
Minimum installation temperature -40°C -40°C -40°C -40°C -40°C
Minimum operating temperature -60°C -60°C -60°C -60°C -60°C
Power in W/m up to 600 up to 350 up to 50 up to 650 up to 1000
Standard power supply voltage 220/240 220/240 220/240 220/240 220/240